Employer - Driven Stream

The Employer-Driven Stream is for employers who want to hire and nominate foreign nationals when there are no Canadians or Canadian Permanent Residents available. This stream helps employers hire critically needed and skilled workers, and helps workers achieve Canadian Permanent Residency through three program categories.

For this stream to work, you first need a job offer from an NWT employer. We do not accept expressions of interest from people without a job offer, and we do not issue any invitations to apply.

To find a potential employer, try these websites, which list employment opportunities in the NWT:

Do you issue work permits?

Usually, no. To apply for the Employer Stream, in most circumstances you must already have a Canadian work permit. Work permits are issued by the federal government.To apply for a work permit, contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

If you are currently in Canada, you must have legal status to work and must have a valid work permit for the duration of the application process.

Once your application is approved, we may issue a work permit support letter, A work permit support letter allows approved nominees to apply for a new work permit that is closed to the nominating employer. 

If you are outside Canada, you are typically not eligible for nomination.  In exceptional circumstances and depending on the employer’s business case and operational circumstances, we may consider assessing your file for highly skilled occupations. Employers must consult with us regarding exceptional circumstances before submitting an application. 

How does this Stream work?

Once you have a job offer from an NWT employer, the employer will need to contact our team and apply for one of three program categories: