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Authorize or Cancel an Immigration Representative

An immigration representative is someone who has your permission to conduct business on your behalf with the Northwest Territories (NWT) Nominee Program. Only one representative may be appointed at a time. If you appoint an additional representative, the previous representative will no longer be authorized to conduct business on your behalf and receive information about your application.

Prospective applicants do not need to hire or use an immigration representative to apply to the NWT Nominee Program. Using an immigration representative will not secure special attention or guarantee approval.

Nominee Program applicants may choose to engage the services of an immigration consultant or not, however, the NWT Nominee Program does not engage the exclusive services of any immigration agencies or representatives in any jurisdictions.

No immigration consultant has or will be allocated a quota under this program. 

Prospective applicants are encouraged to learn about possible immigration fraud and scams. Information is available here.

Elaine Lu

Elaine Lu

Elaine is an experienced immigration consultant, and she has been impressed with how efficient and accessible the Northwest Territories Nominee Program is. “There was a short wait time for any meetings with the officers or any interviews,” Elaine said of her experience working with the program. “The Nominee Program turnaround time is efficient—well under 12–15 months from the first exploratory visit to the business plan assessment and decision.”.....Read More....