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Important Resources to Start a Business in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Want to move to Canada’s North by starting, buying, or investing in a business in the Northwest Territories (NWT)? It begins with finding a sustainable business concept that brings significant economic benefit to the territory.

There are business resources available to provide foreign nationals with information about the various industry sectors in the NWT  at Invest Northwest Territories. To help understand the unique business environment of the NWT, prospective applicants  may also find How to Start a Business in the Northwest Territories  a valuable source of information.

We understand that for a new business, navigating permits, registrations and licenses can be challenging.  Even more-so, if you are a newcomer to the NWT. Therefore we have developed a Foreign Nationals Guide to Operating a Successful Business guide that is aimed at making the process easier.

The Foreign Nationals Guide to Operating a Successful Business in the NWT provides reference materials, contact information, tips and guidelines to help new entrepreneurs develop their businesses.  

The guide is provided to applicants who have successfully been approved to the program and have signed a Business Performance Agreement with the NWT Nominee Program’s Business Stream.

Topics in the guide include: getting a business license, registering with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission, taxes, insurance and existing supports such as the Business Incentive Policy.

The guide is one component of a growing suite of support materials available to applicants to the GNWT’s NWT Nominee Program.

Want more information on what it’s like to live in the Northwest Territories? Discover any one of our unique 33 communities today!

Rami Kassem

Rami Kassem

Originally from Lebanon, Rami came to the Northwest Territories hoping to start a new business venture. Rami believes that “the Northwest Territories is a land of opportunities and growth,” and that is why he decided to establish his home here....Read More....