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The Benefits: Business Immigration to Canada’s Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories (NWT) is a land of beauty and economic opportunity. Our dynamic economy is supported by mining for diamonds, gold and other minerals, as well as tourism. There are a number of emerging sectors where foreign nationals can find business opportunities; film, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, food and dining, and retail services are all economic sectors that are eligible under the NWT Nominee Program Business Stream.

There are a number of advantages for those starting a business in the NWT:

  • We have a young and enthusiastic population. Our demographic offers a positive environment for investment and growth offers excellent business opportunities.

  • Less competition allows greater opportunity for your business to succeed. Big cities in Canada are saturated with businesses. In the NWT, there is a lot of opportunity for new, innovative businesses.

  • There are serious tax advantages offered to those who live here; and there is no provincial/territorial sales tax.

  • The NWT is a wonderful place to raise a family. Newcomers can expect to receive a friendly welcome while continuing to embrace their own unique cultural practices. Not to mention, the NWT offers one of the most generous Student Financial Assistant programs in Canada for those heading off to university.

  • Quality of Life. With easy access to nature from any of the NWT’s 33 communities, newcomers can enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities such as boating, hiking and nature photography.


Come Build your Dream Business in Canada with the NWT Nominee Program!

Sage Suzuki

Sage Suzuki

When Sage came to Yellowknife from Japan in 1993, the only thing he missed from home was the food. So, he decided to open Sushi North in Yellowknife.....Read More....