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Northwest Territories Nominee Program: Business Stream 

People who want to immigrate to the Northwest Territories to start their own business or invest in and operate an established company may apply to the business streams of the Northwest Territories Nominee Program. 

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program is delivered in partnership between the Government of the Northwest Territories and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.  The business stream of  the NWT Nominee Program is designed to attract business expertise to start and invest in a start-up business which  will enhance the economy of the Northwest Territories.

Prospective applicants must submit their applications to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment.

Application Guidelines: Business Immigration to Canada's Northwest Territories

Looking for a path to Canadian Permanent Residency? Want to move to Canada's North by starting, buying, or investing in a business in the Northwest Territories (NWT)? It begins with a business concept that will bring economic benefit to the Territory. 

Review the full Application Guidelines for the NWT Nominee Program Business Stream: Jan 2018 Applicaiton Guideline as a PDF or online

The NWT's Nominee Program Stream is an 8 Step Application Process.

  1. Self-Assessment and Initial Investigations
  2. Further Investigations and Face-to-Face Interview(s)
  3. Initiating the Application Process and Pre-Screening
  4. Formal Application
  5. Application Review
  6. Approval and the Business Performance Agreement
  7. Developing the Business
  8. Nomination

Northwest Territories Nominee Program Business Stream Brochures and Postcards

All you need is a working business concept and the desire to move to the Northwest Territories Read more >>

Brochure and Postcards by Language